Saturday, January 28, 2012

Episode 38: Reloading .38s

This is a rundown on my philosophy on reloading .38 special cartridges.  It's actually a reconstruction of my explanation to my wife, and yes, I should have been recording at the time.

Also, I know there have been some problems downloading my show.  The company I store the files with had a catastrophic drive failure and are still picking up the pieces.

Some of you may have been getting bandwidth exceeded messages, and it turns out that even failed download attempts count for the full file size.  If you try to download manually, please give it a couple of hours before you try again.  If you use an automatic downloader, could you please check the settings?  The sear may be displaced and going full auto like "Bdddddddapp" eating up my bandwidth allocation.

Meanwhile, I'm going to upload episodes to a free storage site and put in backup links so even if Opendrive has problems, you can still download manually.

Here's a link to Mid-South Shooters' Supply:

If you have trouble downloading, try this secondary location:
Episode 38: Reloading .38s

Monday, January 2, 2012


The company that hosts my episode suffered a drive loss and is currently working on it. I was able to upload Episode 36, but we can't download.  Between their backup process and the holiday, it may not be available until tomorrow.  OpenDrive, hmm...

... AND NOW EPISODE 36 IS GONE!  I just uploaded it again and now it should be available.

Episode 36: Cheap Pistols Direct Experience

I got a request from a listener to talk about "cheap" pistols some months back.  I decided to make this a two-part discussion and here only talk about those really cheap pistols I have direct experience with.  Please don't consider this an actual review; I'm just sharing my experience and impressions.  The pistols I discuss are the FIE Titan 25, NEF Ultra, Jennings J-22, Phoenix HP22, Iver Johnson TP22, Makarov, and Hi Point C-9.  Most of these are no longer available new.  Next time, I'll talk about what's on the market now.

This is a re-release.  OpenDrive lost the original mp3 file.

If you are having trouble downloading, try this backup source:
Episode 36: Cheap Pistols Direct Experience