Saturday, December 29, 2012

Episode 56: Mr. Nate

I've carried a PPK for the last 3 weeks.  Why not the PF9?  That's what I'd like to talk about.  I don't want to talk about Connecticut; I don't want to talk about Hollywood hypocrisy; I don't want to use the F word (Feinstein... oops, sorry); I don't want to talk about media bias and outright lies.  I want to talk about my new Nate Squared Tactical holster and how pleased I am with it.

 Hollywood hypocrisy:

Nate Squared Tactical Site:

If you have trouble downloading, right-click the link below and save as...
Episode 56: Mr. Nate

Know what?  I'm so pleased I'm going to add a link to N82tactical to the right side of this page.  Yep.