Sunday, January 27, 2013

Episode 58: At Last!

I finally got my wife to go to the range with me!  She's a pretty good shot, but she doesn't
go as often as I'd like her to.  Also, Nikki Haley signed the repeal of the 800 degree law last June, and I just found out about it at the last gun show.  I sent her a thank you note.  Firearms appreciation day and the Albany Rally - a friend of mine from high school was on the news.

Albany Rally

Thank you for repealing the 800 degree law
Madame Governor:
I went to the gun show at Jamil yesterday and was perplexed but delighted to see Cimmaron,
Jimenez, and Phoenix pistols for sale.  In the past, I've pointed out to the out-of-state
vendors that these are not permissible here, but yesterday I saw them at an in-state vendor's table.
The vendor informed me that you had signed a repeal of that 800 degree law, and it deepened my appreciation for your approach to our freedoms.
Thank you very much for doing away with this counterproductive law.


Strike Hold Lubricant

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Episode 58: At Last!