Sunday, June 30, 2013

Episode 65: Grandfather Oak Custom Carry Holsters

Have you ever had an inside the waistband holster that was so comfortable and versatile that you couldn't wait to get dressed in the morning just so you could put it on?  Try the Grandfather Oak Hidden Companion.  It's a Kydex holster with your choice of belt attachments.  I spoke with the inventor at length, and he pointed out the virtues of its various design features.  Yes, I was positively impressed.  I bought one and wore it for a week each with the 3 different belt attachment systems. 
 Here it is with the tuckable belt clip

 Here's the belt loop with the snap closed
And the snap open.
 This is the leather and steel J-hook I was talking about.

Grandfather Oak Holsters

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Episode 65: Grandfather Oak Holsters